Hi, everyone!  Thank you so much for visiting my page and viewing my art!  Here are some frequently asked questions.  :D


  • "What do you use for lines and details?"
    - I use a very thin, short paintbrush (found at any art supply store) and trim the tip, so it has a fine point.
  • "How do you care for your brushes?"
    - First, I clean them with nail polish remover, and then again with soap and water. 
  • "How do you apply gems/crystals/micro pearls?"
    - I use a tiny bit of clear top coat (I use OPI top coat) to apply them individually.
  • "Where did you buy your gems/crystals/micro pearls?"
    - I bought all of my materials from a nail wholesaler in China.  Sorry if that is of no help~ Maybe some one can message me if they know anywhere local that sells them! It would be greatly appreciated for anyone who is curious!


  • "What color white do you use?"
    - I use Sephora By OPI, “A-Ha!  Moment.” 
  • "What type of gold foil do you use?"
    - I use Rococo Nail Apparel Gold Leaf Lacquer. 


  • Yes, these are my real nails!  :D 
  • "Do you have any tutorials?"
    - Unfortunately, I do not have any tutorials of my nail art.  But if I end up doing any, I will be sure to post them here.
  • "How do you care for your nails?"
    - I always have cuticle cream with me and apply it many times a day.  Nails and cuticles look healthier when they look hydrated, so I always have cuticle cream next to me!